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Default Playfic - Write/share/play interactive fiction on the web

A friend of mine just launched an online text adventure site called Playfic and it's pretty sweet. It's pretty new so there's not a lot of content there yet but it seems like something AGers might enjoy.

The site isn't just about discussing IF/text adventures, but is a full Inform 7-based authoring environment, where you can create an IF game within the site, post it, and share it out to people who can play it in their browser.

You can see some people's projects here. A notable early example: Someone has already ported the Homestar Runner game Thy Dungeonman to the playfic site.

Anyway, I thought it was neat. I've never been a huge IF guy, but this gives me something to do at lunch-at-my-desk other than watch YouTube so I'm excited.
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This is neat!

I don't really think I'd write a full game online; it makes more sense to me to download the Inform development environment and get more capabilities. And the player seems to crash whenever I > RESTORE, which is bad. But this is promising!
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