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Default Edna and Harvey Wiki

Greetings to you all. I am GenghisKhan44, and I play adventure games casually. I saw "Edna and Harvey" being sold on GamersGate not long ago for $5. Being a good price, but wanting a quality product, I decided to look for a walkthrough on YouTube to see what it was like.

The walkthrough ALONE was fantastic! This is a very fascinating game for so many reasons. I dunno why, but after seeing the walkthrough, I bought the game and have been playing it for hours. It's just an amazing game.

When I find an amazing game or want to remember an amazing game or show or something, I usually look for a wiki on it. Trouble is, there is no Edna and Harvey wiki. So I've taken the liberty of starting a new one here: http://harveyandedna.wikispaces.com

I was wondering if anyone else who has played the game, enjoys it, and/or simply could contribute a few articles would be willing to. It would be nice.

Happy Advent, all!


PS: If anyone knows where I can find a fanbase or a group of wiki writers who could help me, it would be much appreciated.
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You're right it is an amazing game... but I also don't think every great game needs its own Wiki especially if it doesn't really have a lot of content that you would need to look up and do research on, as in let's say World of Warcraft.

However, I wish you good luck with it!
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