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Brit dude in Amsterdam
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Ps. i now live in the hague. Hello neighbour! If you are still there that is
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Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
So maybe it's just a question of looking hard.
I am inclined to agree with Graypierce. Before the early nineties, you could buy adventures in computer stores and bookshops. And then action games and other genres became popular and it was much harder to find adventures. The big department stores still had a few (mainly Sierra games) but in general I'd say the so-called Golden Years passed Holland by.
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I was born in 1982 and was given my aunt's C64 as a 6/7/8 year old (I don't remember) with The Hobbit and some other original AGs included. I got hooked on them then. In about 1994 I got my first PC and even though my family has never really been higher on the food chain than working class regularly got AGs but don't remember how exactly... birthdays and Christmas gifts would be my best bet as I was never handed everything on a silver platter. But somehow I got to play many of the legendary Sierra and Lucasarts games throughout the 90s and they remain a highlight of my gaming history. I didn't play all of the King's Quest games until I got the King's Quest Collection, which was awesome.

I remember wanting Blade Runner soooo badly because it is my favourite movie of all time (see my avatar) and I wanted to try the game but could never find it where I lived at the time (Melbourme, Australia)... then one day I found it and it felt like Christmas x10.
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My mother played AGs when I was a little kid. I remember watching her play Space Quest 2 over her shoulder when I just a tyke. I was into NES and SNES as a kid, but I would watcher her play PC games from time to time.

Somewhere around 1993 I got into PC games using her computer. The early games I remember playing myself are King's Quest V, Blue Force, Under a Killing Moon, Betrayal at Krondor, Doom, Dark Forces and Rebel Assault. It took off from there and before I knew it I had sold my Nintendo collection to buy more PC games!

I think I experience the golden age pretty well. I played all the Sierra classics from about the 4th iteration up, all the Lucas classics and a ton of others. I did start playing more and more RPGs and shooters eventually though, and even today those are mostly what I play (still on the PC, can't give it up!).

I do play adventure games sometimes though, like Gemini Rue and Lost Horizon. I admit though that the main reason I am here is nostalgia... I keep buying modern AGs, but rarely do any of them capture me like they did in the 90s.
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Dr Uberman
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Born late '81, started with Amiga (Adventure game wise) about '87. Lived through the absolute Golden Age of Adventure Gaming (and console gaming for that matter). Dad was a teacher and somehow used to get heaps of pirated games for me through his school. Started with Sierra games like Larry 1 and Police Quest 1 and the others in the series. Had a friend down the road about my age with an Amiga two and all we did was play games in every free moment.

Then moved on to the Lucasarts games, namely DOTT (which will always remain my fave game of all time) and Monkey Island 1 and 2.

Now days don't play much else besides FIFA 12 and NBA 2K12 but still keep up with everything gaming.

Also LOVE the Zelda series, Link to The Past is up there in top 3 of all time, as is Super Mario World.

Edit: Forgot about Space Quest!!!!! Space Quest 1 was a master piece! Space Quest 2 was chillingly hard.
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Collectors list really explains why you couldn't find any AG.

Basically the whole genre died when first Sierra died in the late nineties, and then LucArts stopped making AG not long after.

There were still some titles, but not many, and they were rarely at the front shelf in the stores..

If you followed the discussions at the time, you could find articles with titles like "The Death of adventure games", and it was a sad time for all AG fans.
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Originally Posted by Henke View Post
Games and computers were extremely expensive and they still are. If you got your first PC in 97 you were a little late to experience the golden age of adventuregames. I got my first PC in the same year you were born thanks to the fact that my father worked with computers (I was around 9-10 year old at the time).
I was born in 1976 and back then my father worked in the computer industry so we had several computers and laptops. We NEVER bought computer games, we pirated all the games we had and traded them for other pirated copies. It was so common back then they had to put copy protection on all the games, which we just copied with a copier.
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