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Default LAG (Life Adventure Game)

LAG (Life Adventure Game) is an adventure game like the old style Grim Fandango.
t's the end of the world, a meteor is about to fall on earth. Life becomes unbearable, cold, rain, the sky undergoes various changes. The only answer is a man whose past lives, can save the world.
You'll take control of 5 different characters in their lives in search of items to stop the meteorites and life saving.
In each life one must solve puzzles and find different legacy in each of the lives ah left to change the future.
Every life will have its unique characteristics, being able to explore the past of the main character to meet your goal in life and solving the different tests in parallel before the time comes to an end.

The game will be in 3rd person, using the movement keys and mouse to view. Each life stage has its divided into different parts in order to provide good quality and speed of the game. Small rooms with different puzzles, both logically and speak, of objects and skill.

First beta demo
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What an unfortunate abbreviation..
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