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I liked Darren/Adrian very much and found him believeable.

I suppose there could be more "black mirrors" all around Europe, considering the pagan heritage of the old continent. It wouldn't be much of a stretch having some in the Americas and Africa as well. I wonder though, why and how would our main man go about hunting them down? He doesn't have any training, holy artifacts or religious knowledge to help him out.
I would love to follow Adrian around the world, hunting for Black Mirrors! And I think his lack of expertise can make it easy to identify with him, he (we) will manage somehow...
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I'm with you, Owskie, I really didn't like BM1 but thoroughly enjoyed the others. Black Mirror 2 was the best of the bunch as far as I'm concerned and I liked Darren even if he did seem more like an insecure teenager testing his boundaries than someone in his 20's. But then I liked the testy old junk shop owner.
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Originally Posted by amunptah View Post
I loved BM1. It is a perfect depiction of England in terms of its atmosphere, with the house groaning in the wind, and the crows in the churchyard. The damp, cold, leaf covered ground is exactly how it is now. The locations in that game are all around me where I live, and I regularly go for walks to soak up the atmosphere. For that, BM1 is the best in a stellar trilogy.
That sounds lovely. I'm one of those weirdos who loves rainy/foggy days, cold, damp weather, and dead things. I think I'd be very happy if I moved to England.
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I enjoyed BM1, but despite some flaws. For instance, I thought the voice acting for Samuel (at least in the English version) was AWFUL. Some of the writing for him was just kind of corny, too. Overall, though, it was still a great game.

I LOVED BM2. I thought that one was amazing, and I really liked Darren, even though it took a little time to get over his accent. Like someone else already said, I actually wanted to listen to what he had to say to everything I could click on, rather than just skipping over his dialogue. I really enjoyed him.

BM3 was not that great, in my opinion. It didn't even seem like a separate game, just like they had run out of "room" in the first game and had to split it up. There was no improvement, nothing different. In addition to that, it seemed like they were rushed with the third game, and the story suffered for it. And as far an ending to the trilogy, I thought the entire third game was rather anticlimactic.

So I guess I can be the odd one out and say I really like 1 and 2, not so much 3 :p

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