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Default Heavy Rain 2

... is apparently never going to happen. Kotaku today links to an interview with David Cage which makes it pretty definitive that he won't be making a sequel to the game. However, it goes give some hints about a future collaboration with Sony that sounds exciting.

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Eh..... I liked the game but Heavy Rain is one game that seriously does NOT need a sequel. The ending was pretty concrete.
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It's really sad that out of one side they can deride all these sequels, then out of the other they say Cage is "stupid" for not doing a sequel to a game that absolutely doesn't need one.

This really seems to be a bit of a non story though, considering Cage has said before he wouldn't do a sequel.
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Cage isn't big on sequels. He had planned to do DLC for Heavy Rain besides "The Taxidermist" which would have fleshed out the story more, but ironically, the higher than expected demand for the game caused Sony to want to create the Move version of it, and so the focus went off the DLC to making a viable Move version of the game. It's likely that his next game, whatever it may be, will be done in a similar manner even if it is not a sequel. Cage likes the QTE system to back his more mature stories a lot if Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain are any indication.
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I never knew a sequel was even a remote possibility. Loved the game but the story is self-contained. I could see a new title that spins off one of the characters, like the detective.

Quantic could also follow up Heavy Rain with a completely new story but a (r)evolution in the gameplay, much like Heavy Rain built upon what started with Indigo Prophecy.
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I'll be perfectly happy if he just gives us a collector's edition, with all the missing scenes like all the dream, tsunami, underwater sequences... all added in... I'll buy it again...
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Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
Quantic could also follow up Heavy Rain with a completely new story but a (r)evolution in the gameplay, much like Heavy Rain built upon what started with Indigo Prophecy.
Yea that's clearly the way to go...
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I'm fairly sure Cage mentioned all along while developing the project that it was a one time story.

He wanted to use the tech to set up a format of games, but wouldn't do a direct sequel to Heavy Rain as he had enough of the serial killer type story.

There has been various rumours about their next game, however the most likely seems to be that they have resurrected "Infraworld". (one of their cancelled projects and it appeared as an Easter Egg in Heavy Rain)
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If Cage is working on a new game that's all that's important. Pretty ballsy to forgo a sequel for a new title when all we hear about today is sequels and reboots. Good luck to him.
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