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Default Broken Sword missing from Steam?

I was on Steam this afternoon deleting some games from my computer, and I realised I had never bothered to buy the Remastered version of Broken Sword 2. I had no idea if it was available on Steam, but thought I would have a look. However, when I searched for 'Broken Sword', I found no results at all, and even trying to access the store pages for Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Directors Cut or The Sleeping Dragon from the installs of them from my games list ended up just taking me to the main store page of Steam.

So yeah, there seems to be no Broken Sword games available to buy on Steam. Did I miss something? I'm in the UK if that makes a difference. Just wondering why they all disappeared.
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From the Steam forums:

Good news. Revolution gave an update on Facebook. Previously the BS games were available on Steam through the publisher Kalypso. Revolution is now working directly with Steam and the games were removed during the transition. They will return.
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The remastered version of BS2 was supposed to be on Steam weeks ago but never made it. Revolution says it will be added. I imagine that when the games come back it will be that version and not the original. They're also going to be adding BS4 which wasn't previously available.

I hope that copies of BS2 get automatically updated to the remastered one when the games do return. That's what happened with it on
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