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Default Need help remembering a game.

Hi guys,

Something is driving me nuts and i need help to remember.

Some years ago i played a point and click game that i want to play again.

The story is played by an astronaut that lands (i think on the moon)

The story is that you end up being a messenger of human kind at the end of time who uses you to send a message to people of our time to make sure they become "them"

you play a number of different levels including one near the end where you are on a ship and use a cargo container to stay alive when it goes into hyper space.

you use a gun/device to shoot an implant into an aliens brain so that you can control him and get him to help you..

You also have a messaging device implanted in your hand and a device that uses a long ass codes to find it messages.

The end sequance is you end up being found on the road by a trucker who picks you up and when he askes you what your doing a bright light comes from you and the message is transfered to him. the last words you hear are the trucker going "well.. we got a lot of work to do"

Does this ring any bells for anyone..
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I found it.

It was called.. THE WARD!
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