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Default Favorite game of the last 5 years

I would be interested in hearing people's top favorite games released in the last five years. These can be adventure games and/or other genres. Perhaps we can discover some new classics that maybe not everyone has tried.
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For instance, I might say Heavy Rain for favorite adventure and Mass Effect 1/2 for other genre.
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For me it is a The Lost Crown, but in this forum everyone knows how good this game is So I choose Gothic 3 (i can see the point why it isnt so popular, but I think its a so far best RPG in five years period). Next would be Far Cry 2, which I played recently and as a third Gothic, this game is quite awesome in non-linear gameplay.

I also enjoy GTR2, Eschalon: Book I or new King's Bounty.
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Ah, modern games. Let's see:

Dead Space 1 and 2
Sam &Max: the episodic adventures(all seasons)
Mortal Kombat 9
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Worms Reloaded
Demon's Souls
Megaman 10
Portal 2
King's Bounty:Crossworlds
Heroes of Might and Magic V
(granted, I haven't played this in a while)

Will post more as I think of them.

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Red Dead Redemption
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Excellent topic

I have played a lot of adventure games in the last 5 years and although there were many that I enjoyed these are the games I enjoyed the most.

Using Pagodas Online Database for games released in 2006 and on http://www.pagodagamedatabase.com/years.php

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened 2006
Scratches 2006

Anacapri: The Dream 2007
Rhem 3: The Secret Library 2007
Sherlock Holmes vs Arsene Lupin 2007

Perry Rhodan: Immortals of Terra 2008
The Lost Crown 2008
Overclocked: A History of Violence 2008
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches 2008

Diabolik: The Original Sin (in adventure mode) 2009
Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir 2009
Memento Mori 2009

AlternativA 2010
Darkstar 2010
The Filmmaker 2010
Slip Space: The Burma Shave Analogy 2010

Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok 2011
Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery 2011
Conspiracies II: Lethal Networks 2011
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The Lost Crown
Dracula 3: Path of the Dragon
Heavy Rain
Gemini Rue
Gray Matter

edit: how the hell did I forget GRAY MATTER? That's probably my favorite of them all.
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This is the adventure forum so I'll confine myself to adventures.

Sam&Max Season One/Two
The Lost Crown (with some reservations)
The Path
Edna and Harvey: The Breakout
Gemini Rue

EDIT: I forgot Overclocked. Also want to add Rhiannon and Barrow Hill. I love that type of game so much. And the free fan remake of King's Quest III, what fun that was!

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See, this topic has already been very useful. I had never given much thought to The Lost Crown, which was a 3.5 star review (I've been looking at the site for years, but only started with the forums a few months ago). I loved Dark Fall 1 (haven't played the others yet), so I'll definitely have to check it out.

Oh, and I'll second Red Dead Redemption.
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I usually need to replay games to really know what my opinion of them is, and since we're talking about fairly-recent games I haven't had the chance to replay most of them --- so my opinion might change. Oh, and like Fien, I'm restricting myself to adventures.

In no particular order:
The three seasons of Sam & Max (3>2>1)
Hotel Dusk and Last Window
Portal 2
Ghost Trick
The Experiment
Perry Rhodan (?)
Tales of MI (?)
Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper
The 3 Phoenix Wright games, especially Trials and Tribulations (but they should be played in order)
Dracula 3
Quest for Glory 2 VGA
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Adventure games only from me to stay in theme with the board.

- Dreamfall
- Gray Matter
- Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars - Director's Cut
- Lost Horizon
- Secret Files I & II
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5 of my top ten favorite adventure games of all time were released in the past 5 years
Gemini Rue
Tales of Monkey Island
Sam and Max: Seasons 1-3
Portal 1 and 2

but for non-adventure games I would recommend

Cave Story - Like Metroid with a better story (Technically it was released in 2004 in Japan but the English version wasn't officially released until 2008. Plus it is freeware so there's really no excuse not to play this game if you like this genre. Also the Nintendo 3DS remake is coming up in November, which almost is enough to make me want to buy one.)

Any of the Pokemon games released on the DS. I haven't played the newest ones released this year yet but I have sunk way too many hours into Pokemon Diamond and I can definitely say that Pokemon gives you the most value for your dollar in terms of gameplay. Obviously it is light on the story but that is what we have adventure games for.

There's a lot of new games I would love to play that are either Wii or PS3 exclusive but alas the last (non-portable) console I owned was the Nintendo 64...
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It'd be tough to choice if I had to consider all genres but for adventure games, The Lost Crown was definitely my favourite. It has some problems - most of them due to the fact it was all made by a single person - but no game in the past 5 years has reminded me of the golden age of adventures more than it.
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Definitely Machinarium
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These are the best of what I played in the past 5 years:
Rhem 3 and 4
Slip Space
The Filmaker

and the winner goes to ......... Rhem 3.
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Wow, tough one. There have been so many! Uncharted 1 & 2, and Portal 2 are at the top of my list...but since this is an Adventure game forum...

I think I'll have to go with Scratches.

1) The Lost Crown
2) Gray Matter
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Originally Posted by Interplay View Post
See, this topic has already been very useful...
I agree with that sentiment because I see some lists that I find much in common with. From those I can see a few games I should look into playing.


As for me? There is probably, for some, at least a few on my list that "break" the what-tiz-and-what-tiznt-an-adventure-game notion. But I am telling you:

Carol Reed(s)
Mass Effect(s)

That's keeping it short... another good thing about thinking this through (and seeing other's lists) is that I realize that, though there is a lot of udder utter suckage these days, there is quite a bit of the damned good too.


To those of you who listed RHEM(s):
I started with 4 and am actually still in the midst(?or late stages?) of it.

So I ask: would I still be okay (or even advised and urged) to play RHEM 3? I think it is actually the best rated one?


To those of you who listed Conspiracies 2:
I played quite a bit of Conspiracies (I) before I became too bothered by it's failings to go on. If I recall correctly, I think the arbitrary-and-illogical was piling up. Only the sin of banality is more intolerable to me, these days -- but just -- I cannot put up with either very long. And I think it was quite glitchy too. But, also IIRC, I did like it quite a bit too.

So here I ask: is Conspiracies 2 "better"?
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My favourites released in the last five years, in no particular order, were:

The Lost Crown
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches
Barrow Hill
Drawn: The Painted Tower and Drawn: Dark Flight
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Culpa Innata
Phoenix Wright
Flower Sun and Rain
The Lost Crown
Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments
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First ACB,i still cant believe how UM crafted such a fascinating expanse after so booring sequal and TW2 because what you choose really matters (altering your story at your hands) at last.
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