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Default Question about Darkness Within Collector's Edition

Hi to all!

I'm considering buying The Darkness Within Collector's Edition, but before buying it I was interested in knowing in more detail what are the contents of the edition and what do they look like.

So far, I've yet to find any site with a full description accompanied with images to better illustrate the contents.

Has any user in the forum bought this edition? If not, anybody knows of a site which contains the information I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance!
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According to THIS post all you get is two discs (game + soundtrack) and a poster.
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I've just ordered it an according to the description on amazon you get the two games (obviously), A poster , walkthrough and a soundtrack cd
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Sorry guys, totally forgot about this...

First of all, thanks to nihl and gib for the help!

In the meantime I had find out this and decided to go forward with the purchase. The box looks nice, resembling the Necronomicon book, and it comes with the games, soundtrack and poster. The poster is double-sided, with each side as the original box art of each game (too bad it's double sided, since I like both box arts ).

I guess I'll reserve these for when some rainy, stormy nights!
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