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Get Bill Tiller to do the backgrounds.
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Dear Lucas Arts

I, like many other members of the public, am a huge Monkey Island fan.

I grew up playing the series. Starting off this long chain of privileged experiences is many memories of myself and my farther playing together and bonding in an extremely close way, and I am sure no other game could have been the stimulus of this.

I am one of many who has a genuine love for the world of Monkey Island and strongly want the series to continue.

Please consider it, if nothing else.

Yours respectfully

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Sorry, but I had to rush it; I'm so so busy currently.

I was thinking of something I heard pretty recently though. I heard that Disney once received a mass amount of e-mails from fans, at the same time, and all e-mails asked Disney to do something, and because of the mass amount of emails received at once, they did. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Could you give more details on it, as no only is it interesting but it is, of cause, very relevant to this?
Brimstone -

"He's the small boy that you have to give the ball to in order to retrieve the toilet brush from the kebab seller."

stepurhan -

"Only in an adventure gaming forum would you see a sentence like this. "
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Dear LucasArts,

Please make a new, proper, fully developed LucasArts Monkey Island game. I beg you not to let Telltale make it either. I feel that they took the franchise and put it through their safe Telltale formula, rather than adapted themselves to the legacy of Monkey Island gameplay and vision. Monkey Island deserves to be an immersive world of rich detail and mind bending puzzles and a real, long adventure. Not short episodes with plastic diorama scenes, simplified puzzles, recycled characters, and tragically compressed audio and visuals for the Wii.

Let's have a Monkey Island that is undeniably nostalgic and fresh at the same time, as if it's the last one (hopefully not though). Let's bring back Ron Gilbert! How about Tim Schafer? Hell, bring back all the wonderful developers of the past. Do it right, and it will be a smash hit as it always was. Make a Monkey Island game the way only LucasArts can.

Thank you,
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Why are people calling the next game Tales of Monkey Island 2??? TOMI was the 5th Monkey Island game..!!

It would be like calling it Escape from Monkey Island 3..!
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Hi, have you any updates on this???
Brimstone -

"He's the small boy that you have to give the ball to in order to retrieve the toilet brush from the kebab seller."

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"Only in an adventure gaming forum would you see a sentence like this. "
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Whats the situation with the MI franchis, atm? Is it that Lucas don't want to let go of the rights, don't want to make a new game and don't even want to 'lease' the rights to other studios?
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If you have a little time and like this sort of stuff you can read this.
If you think it's annoying and stupid then don't read this

"This is not a petition. It is a simple, huge, gathering of very short letters"

Well then, here is my very short letter:

----Stranded on the beaches of Monkey Island, while the island is slowly sinking----
Guybrush: I'm getting tired of this!
Elaine: We have to find a way off this island!
Wally: I haven't seen a single boat!
Guybrush:Any ideas?
----All of them look angry at Guybrush----
Guybrush: Why should I stop monkey island from sinking?!
Elaine: because we're on it?!?! Again!!!
Guybrush:I can explain everything!
Elaine: Really?! Don't you think it's a little late?
----a big cutscene is shown of the whole island sinking slowly...----

----In Stan's BUY/RENT an island store:----
STAN: Why whoud you EVEN WANT to save MI? You can just buy an island, if you want to.At STAN's Rent or Buy Islands! You can even name your island! Guybrush island .... how does that sound? And we have discounts for larger islands, and we have complementary magic sand (from the Voodoo lady, but don't tell the customers...) for small islands 1 bottle for 1 more meter of beach. And if you want to enlarge your island you can buy 2 bottles at the price of one, but be quick, cause Stan's offers don't last long! Almost forgot! Today we have a special insurance offer for pirate attacks.So make sure YOU BUY the island TODAY ! cause you're not assured tomorrow! And with only....bla...bla, bla... even more bla, bla, bla.
Guybrush: That sounds um... great... um.. but... I promised Elaine...
Stan: Did I mentioned that you if have some pieces of eight to spare I'll intergate a fully beauty salon for the little lady!
Guybrush:Um... I don't have any money Stan.
Stan: Do you know someone who has?
Guybrush: Nope!
Stan: then WHAT are you doing here?!?!
Guybrush: I'm saving monkey island!
Stan: Why not yourself?
Guybrush:Stan, the whole island is sinking!!!!!!
Stan:So, I've got a boat safely hidden and ready for me whenever I need it.
Guybrush:Great! We can all get off from MI!
Stan: Do you have any money?
Guybrush:Um...still no...but...
Stan:Then, I DON'T have a boat!
Guybrush:But you said....
Stan: Listen kid, this is a rent/buy an island on a perfect deal store! not a boat rental, least not anymore!
Guybrush: But you have a boat!
Stan When did I say such a thing?!?!Are you calling me a liar?!
----Guybrush mumbling annoyed: ...jerk!----

----After another part of more confuzing jungle, talking to himself and arguing with a monkey....Guybrush finds something and goes back to the beach----

Guybrush: ooooh... i found this shiny circle thingy! Shinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
Elaine: Let me see that!It has the words Lucas Arts on it.
Wally: One of le Chuck 's evil ....
Elaine: ...I don't think so!
Wally: Hey , I saw that name somewhere!
Elaine: Of course, that writing!
Guybrush: What writting?
Elaine: the one that we saw before we arrived here! You know, right after those people pushed some weird buttons in front of us !
Wally: You mean the ones who always expect us to DO SOMETHING and won't leave us alone!
Guybrush: Oh, you mean the ones that are STARRING at us for hours and hours and hours and...
Elaine: We get the point!
Guybrush: Well...Surely they have heard of Guybrush Treepwood, mighty pirate! A pirate known on EVERY island, for repeteadly defeating the evil zombie pirate LeChuck, with his wit, great looks , (Hitting on Elaine : right plunder bunny? )
Elaine: Guybrush shut up!
Guybrush: Yes dear!
(the intro credits of the game, and us, who play the game)

Wally: But what is it mean?
Elaine: Maybe you should ask the Voodoo lady.
----after hours and hours and hours and hours of more conffuzing jungle...and monkeys...and .... let's just continue shell we?!)----
Guybrush: Why have you relocated on MI?
Voodoo lady:Since i had so few customers lately....and more people were coming to monkey island...
Guybrush:So ,THEY finally heard of Guybrush Treepwood, eh?!
Vodoo lady:No, they heard of the talking monkeys!
Guybrush: Oh..........So, what can you tell me about this round thinghy?!
Voodoo lady:That's the sacred disc of Monkey Island!
(floppy, cd or dvd)

Guybrush:How come I never heard of it?
Voodoo lady:You didn't ask.You see Guybrush, Monkey island is no ordinary island...
Guybrush:Gee, you think?!
Voodoo lady:I'm not talking about the giant monkey head, nor about Le'chuck's....
Guybrush:Will you stop reminding me?!
Voodoo lady:It's history tells about the first great sacred disc, that protected the island from any major nature disaster. It was made by the natives of monkey island, the Lucasarts tribe, using a very rare silver rock from the heart of Monkey island itself as a tribute to the spirits of Monkey island. In turn the spirits would protect the island. You still have more to learn about Monkey island Guybrush! And your path seems always to cross this place.
Guybrush: So, what do I have to do?!
Voodoo lady:It's not that simple , No one knows were the people who created the discs are or if another disc will be made, but Monkey island can't wait too long...The island has changed, the spirits became more anxious ! The first two discs where very different from the rest of them, their shape changed over the years, as the island. The last sacred disc is the one that is in your posesion.
Guybrush:So, I just have to put it back ? Or find the rock bring a piece here and you'll make a new one right?!
Voodoo lady:It doesn't work that way Guybrush! The discs are made according the the present state of the island and it's spirits! Only the people who already made these discs know what to use and how to forge them.
How am I going to find these Lucasarts people, I don't even know if they are still on the island!
You'll find them, search deep in the heart of Monkey island!

----Back on the beach----
Elaine: Guybrush!
Wally: Well?!
Guybrush: We're going to find the Lucasarts tribe and save Monkey island!

To be continued...

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Dear Lucas Arts,

Monkey Island 5.

Thank you,
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Here's mine:

Dear Lucas Arts guy

Please consider coming up with some new and original games. I'm so sick of

Thank you.
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