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Default Strategy First Online Shop - Yay or nay?

Hi to all!

I saw nonax's post ( here) about a promo available in the Strategy First online shop, valid until today: using a promo code (SFIADVENTURE) you can buy a pack of games (Ankh 2 & 3, The Abbey, Jack Keane and D.W.A.R.F.S.) with an 80% discount.

The games seem interesting enough (even though there's no Anhk1 available in the pack) for the price (with the promo the pack goes for less than 5€), but I'm not sure I should try this out or not....

I've never bought anything from them and I didn't see anywhere in the page any reference to if the games are DRM free or not.

Searching a bit, I found out some references that (at least in the not so distant past) their support wasn't very good and the games seem to need activation keys to work (and sometimes the ones that are provided with the purchase don't work in the first time)...

Anybody here has bought games from them recently? What has been your experience with the store? Exactly what kind of DRM do they put in the games? I've grown fond of GOG and their no DRM politics and I prefer to actually own the games I buy...
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^ mmm... well most of these games aren't very good except for maybe
Jack Keane which I have not played yet.
But seeing it seems so cheap....
you might get something out of them.
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I bought the pack myself but I have no idea how they work really. The price was just so cheap that I don't care. I got an install .exe from every file and I suppose it should work forever. There is no way to download them again I suppose if I lose them though.

I already had The Abbey from AdventureShop so I was wondering how can you gift stuff from StrategyFirst? Can I just give the dl link to someone else or?
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i bought some games from them a whiiiile ago and it was not a great experience. Downloads misisng things like cd keys and really slow and frustrating customer support. Also it was a one-time download thing, so no back-ups if things go wrong. The site seemed disorganised in general, but I'm figuring they probably got their act together... at least i hope so.
EDIT: oh and id say there was no DRM at all with the games i purchased (aside from what the original game already had). The only newer game i bought was darkstar, and that definitely did not have any drm.
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Well, I ended up deciding not to go through with the purchase (too much other games waiting to be played, soooo).

Thank you guys for your input on this matter! As a physical editions kind of guy (big boxes! ), I have yet to explore in full the world of digital purchases (being GOG the only exception so far)!
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