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Will never be clever
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Default Hello guys, please help!

Oooh, I hope somebody can help me with this! - I just became a member, so I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this sort of thing in.

Anyway, I was feeling nostalgic today, and I started thinking about an Adventure/action game I was playing in the late 1990's or early 2000's... But I can't remember it's name.
I do remember some of the plot though.
You're a guy at a museum. You try to solve some mysteries, involving a sword(s?) and at some point you come to a... tower of sorts. And there's a blind man - the way to get past him is to do NOTHING at all, not try to converse or anything.
Also, you had to "fight" in this game... I think something with Templars or the like where involved too. "Time" was also involved, IIRC.
It's in "3-d"... Well, you know, it wasn't Hugo Adventures, you could move around on prerendered screens and your character was "solid" and not flat...

But anyway.
I hope anybody knows what this game is called as I would love to play it again and eventually might BEAT it this time...
Please, your help will be much appreciated!
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Maybe this one?
If you can read this you don't need glasses.
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Was it Time Gate: Knight's Chase?

Edit: Zobracks
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Will never be clever
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Thanks you guys, it means so much!
And it was so quickly too! Love and sugar and candy to all of you!

Now to get my game on!
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