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well they responded pretty quickly and have refunded me the cost of Gray Matter, which considering I obviously can't return it (since I gifted it) was pretty good of them

hopefully everyone elses issues will get resolved soon as well
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Originally Posted by mrLOL View Post
All PR heads are subscribed to automatic google search-term so whenever someone writes "LaceMamba" and the google-bot finds it it will automatically send that to the PR head of that company,
THAT's why you get a reply when you ask here publicly.
They responded because I personally alerted Claas to the existence of this thread. And by all accounts so far, seem to have done everything they can to make up for the problem and then some.

Assuming a company is just sitting around knowingly not responding to complaints is ridiculous. And both contact form glitches and spam filters are real problems. They may be conveniently over-blamed, but we've experienced issues with each. Every mail I write to Wadjet Eye Games ends up in their spam folder for some unknown reason, and an email from one of my own staff writers ended up in mine just last week. It happens.
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I had problems with Lace Mamba with Machinarium (the lack of pc installer on disc issue) but they were usually fairly quick to respond to my emails and ended up sending the game out twice when the first replacement copy never arrived.

I was also promised an extra game for the inconvenience, but that never materialised and at the end of the day I was just happy to get a working copy of the game I originally purchased.

I figured out why they weren't getting through the post though - the copy that eventually arrived was delivered in a standard A4 sized envelope, well to be more accurate it arrived alongside a shredded A4 envelope - it had torn its way out in so many places going through the post it was a miracle it ever arrived! I hope they now use jiffy bag envelopes or at least strengthen the edges of the envelopes with some parcel tape. I sent them an email about this at the time but never received a response. Ah well. I really hope all you guys get your games soon!
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