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Default Looking for the name of a game

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for the name of an adventure game I used to play at a friends place when I was around 10 years old (so I'd place it in the 1994-1998 range). I don't remember many details, it's been a long time, but here's what I remember:

-It's in 3d or prerendered 2d
-It takes place (well, at least the beginning does, we never finished it) on the moon (or probably an asteroid) in some cave with some stone door of alien origin or some stone wall with alien symbols on it (quite fuzzy on this part...)
- you're playing an astronaut in a regular NASA outfit, nothing fancy/sci-fi'y
- it seemed to be a rather serious game, more along the lines of Myst than something like Monkey Island

storywise I think it was about a regular moon mission that found some alient artifact/ruins that you have to investigate.

I don't have anything else to go on, as I said I played it at a friends place (with whom I've lost contact some 8 years ago...) like 3 times, but I remember really liking the atmosphere and I've searched the net for quite some time without getting any clues as to what it might have been. So, any help would be greatly appreciated, I'd really like to see how it measures up to the wheel of time (and how bad my memory is)

Oh and it reminds me of the ending of "Mission to Mars", i.e. it's somewhat related (in my memory) to the scene where they enter the alien building on Mars near the end of the movie (with the doorway opening in the "mountain" and the light falling through), though that might be my memory mixing things up.

Thanks a lot
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The dig?
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Definitely sounds like The Dig.
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Sounds like The Ward to me.
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Nah it definatly "The Dig"

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The Dig sure sounds like it, but it's way off on what I remember the graphics to be like (the characters are cartoon like, not 3d/realistic). But the dig sure sounds like a great Sci-Fi adventure game, I'll have to give it a try

The Ward looks promising, i think I'd have to play it for some minutes to be certain. At least the opening cinematic looks familiar from what i could gather from screenshots.

And I'd definitely remember the game if it was RAMA, I just loved the books as a kid

Oh maybe I should mention that I live in Switzerland, so I guess it's possible that the game was german or something and was never published internationally.
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Maybe Lightbringer. It would help to know if it is 1st or 3rd person, Dos or Windows
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Lightbringer looks a lot like what i remember. At least it's the closest i've come to finding a point&click resembling what I remember.

Do you know any places that sell it or is it abandon ware?

Thanks for the tip

Oh and the game I'm looking for is first person iirc.
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Could it be Alien Virus?
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It's probably Dark Side Of The Moon then.
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