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Default Runaway look and feel games?

Hi everyone.

I like a lot Runaway trilogy. I´m now looking for games with the same "look and feel". Same graphics and gameplay style I mean.

Any ideas?

PS: I know about Next big thing.
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Yes there are a couple I can mention

A stitch in Time.
A New Beginning.

There are probably more but I will leave that to someone else.
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The main reason why I like the games from Pendulo Studios is their recognizable graphic design. I haven't played may titles that use such style so far, but the games from Deadalic Entertaiment look the most similar to me. Also, Goin' Downtown from Silver Style Entertaiment.
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I think Pendulo borrowed a lot from Bill Tiller's graphics in Curse of Monkey Island. Speaking of which, Bill Tiller's recent games (Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, A Vampyre Story) have that same style.
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Yes, i agree - The Curse of Monkey Island is the closest thing you'll get, along with other Tiller's games.

Beside that, somewhat similar but more quirky style is in Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria.

Also, there's an AGS game in production which has VERY similar graphic style to Runaway, it's called The Journey of Iesir:

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Whoa Diego! The Journey of Iesir looks awesome... I'm going to look it up.
I'm excited!!!
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