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Default "A Vampyre Story". Illogical puzzles?

Hi every one.

I am actually playing A Vampyre Story. Great game, great graphics, sounds... but is it just me or some puzzles are extremely illogical? At some points the game is making me desperated and frustrated.

An example. How could I know I must empty a perfum bottle into Warg Lake? A bit crushing of logical rules. Why on the hell can't I empty the f..* bottle into any other thing?

Another example. At a certain moment in the game, Mona needs to light a torch but there is only one site on the entire scenario she can do that, even though the entire game is full of "fire" everywhere, chimneys everywhere,...

Sorry guys my poor english
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Yeah, hate that. It's in most games.

You pass 100 burning candles, but you must go to the kitchen to light the torch. You have a crowbar, but you must find a hammer to smash the urn to get the key (what about just dropping it on the floor?). In the abandoned house you must get the key to open the desk drawer, when you have a axe? Who cares if you ruin the desk - the house is abandoned for 50 years for crying out loud!!
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I stopped playing that peice of garbage the moment I encountered the Ozzie Osbourn impression, in a fantasy setting?

but yeah I agree the puzzles are garbage and they are usually presented blatantly as "here are 3 annoying tasks you need to do because this is a adventure-game" with no finess about presentation whatsoever.
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Uh, yeah, Ozzy in a vampire setting, how preposterous.
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some of the puzzles are rather silly, but for the most part I found it rather easy, but with just enough insane troll logic puzzles to make the cynic in me wonder if they did it deliberately to try to hide how short the game is. I've honestly played demos that were longer than the supposed full game
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Yeah I really tried to like this game but the Voice of Mona, the illogical puzzles you mentioned and lack of any decent story really messed it up for me. It felt like
the game was made for young children in mind. Oh well...... I sad.
Well at least Bill Tillers art still looks beautiful.
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