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well... hard to add anything that haven't bee said. well except the personal taste which seems to be the main reason for a person to choose 1st or 3rd (i for example dislike the 1st for the already mentioned reasons - the dizziness, the static solitude etc.) very important thing is what type of adventure do you seek. if you are on exploring a world without talking too much and handing puzzles like "switch the right valves in order the water to go through" maybe the 1st person perspective suits you well.... but in my case I'm looking for different things in an adventure.

1. Puzzles are important part but not the only one in an adventure. I like to feel the story. I like to see how my character is involved in that story. I like to talk to people (if dialogues are well written of course) and see how the character reacts to everything, that gives him/her more depth. And after all i'm playing a game with it's own story. I don't imagine that I am that character in the game. After all the story isn't about my life but the life of someone else. Imagine reading a book where the main character isn't defined at all... well I don't see much joy in that (that example of course excludes the 1st person games with defined character, but still a 3rd person helps me understand him/her better)

2. I'm a huge classic point n click fan. I like it when the atmosphere of the game has its own style. And graphics of a game have a major role here. Especially when it's 2d the art style of a game can be various. Whether it's cartoony like monkey island, or have that magic fairy tale taste like the whispered world, or the hand drawn appeal of machinarium. Each of them completes the atmosphere of the game in its unique way. And all I see in a 1st person game is boring static 3d rendered images most of which are photorealistic as mentioned. I don't say that the visual style couldn't be unique in a 1st person, but so far I haven't seen such.

3. The 3rd person perspective gives more freedom for the angle of the viewer. Whereas in 1st person it's just the angle of your eyes which gets boring for me in a while. In 3rd person the camera could be positioned on the top of the things you see (like the temple of small gods in Discworld Noir) or in corner of a hallway with highly distorted perspective, it could be zoomed in the only thing to explore is a tiny closet or could be zoomed out and you can explore a whole neighborhood in a single shot.

p.s. I adore rpg isometric view like sanitarium. It's third person again but I have a different experience while playing it. If anyone knows any other games like that pls let me know. Already anticipating STASIS
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Originally Posted by badlemon View Post
I don't imagine that I am that character in the game. After all the story isn't about my life but the life of someone else.
Excellent point. I agree wholeheartedly.
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Well said guys.I agree with you!
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Originally Posted by badlemon View Post
p.s. I adore rpg isometric view like sanitarium. It's third person again but I have a different experience while playing it. If anyone knows any other games like that pls let me know.
Eye of the Kraken. Old indie adventure.
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diego, young and reckless, says:

"awakened and arsene lupine were imo disappointment for sherlock holmes fans. I think it has a lot to do with a point of view of main character. I don't know why, but whenever i think of sherlock holmes i always think of a 3rd person game"

in this thread.

So here i am, couple of years later, playing The Awakened - Remastered Edition, all thrilled 'cause it lets you play in a 3rd person mode. And you know what? It doesn't work. Ok, it was a nice feature to switch between the views from time to time, but it was clear that the game was made with 1st person view in mind. However, i'm glad that i got around to finish it this time - it might not be a perfect game, but it's much better than i first thought.

However, young fool is sometimes "right":

"That doesnt mean that every game should be 3rd person. Some stories, puzzles, characters and atmosphere are better told through 3rd person view, but some are better suited for 1st person."


"I have affection for 3rd persons games, and some of my favorite adventures are 1st person games."

And i think that "Mysts" gave love 1st person a bad name. As Fien pointed, it doesn't have to be "isolated island with mechanic puzzles". It just happens that majority of it ARE Myst-clones, but that doesn't give us right to condemn it. As someone smart once said: Variety is the spice of life.
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For me, i think 3rd person is better for adventure games because I don't really like the slideshow format of most 1st person adventures. Though when done with direct control like Amnesia or Penumbra, 1st person can be amazing.
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Yeah,I have Amnesia and I find it completely different and far more easier to play and far better to enjoy than other games that I have like Scratches or Darkness Within.It's just...amazing.In Scratches or Darkness Within I had to click all the time.Click here click there.Click to see right,click to go forward,again and again and again and again.
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It all boils down to what suits the game best, imo.
I can't imagine another viewpoint or camera system for games I've played, nor do I want to imagine that. Whatever the developer had in mind, should be what the game uses...

That said, for adventure games I do have a preference for the third person view, and then specifically the point-and-click content-sensitive camera, because you can take in more of your surroundings in one screen (you don't have to look around to see the entire room), because you can actually *see* the character you're playing with (it's never me anyway), and because it often gives the developers more freedom in terms of camera placement and allround stylistic creativity.

What I like the least is a first-person perspective with "panoramic nodes". Mainly because the transition between two nodes is far too artificial and often takes too much time.
But that doesn't mean that I automatically hate a game that uses this. If it suits the game, it's all good for me.

The more diversity we see in viewpoints, camera systems, graphical styles, gameplay designs, etc. the better off we are...
If all games would look and play the same, it'd be really dull...
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I prefer third person, but there are a few first person games I like. I don't really want to play me, I like having the character there. And I like a bit of talking, I get bored of the mostly exploration games. But my biggest problem is over the years developing dizziness. I've always had motion sickness but that didn't bother me in games until the dizziness joined in. It makes it nearly impossible to play first person games where you swing around a lot.
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Is not playing a good game like Scratches or Darkness Within because it's first person view an excuse to laziness? PP

Seriously I must stop acting like that and try them again.Or...just finish Amnesia because it's a pretty awesome game.Oh....the after-midnight wondering...
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Third person view all the way for me, leave first person view to FPS games :p
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Regarding adventure games, I prefer 3rd person view. For me, 1st person view in adventures is not so attractive (though i have some of such titles in my "to do" list). Maybe is has something to do with taste of genre - as horror is not my thing, i dont have a good experience (I found out about Starship Titanic as comedic game from this topic, but gameplay videos destroyed me interest), and also tech solution - as mentioned before by others, i also dont like slideshows or fish-eyes effect for an example. As a matter of fact I cant recall to have finished any 1st person adventures (lets exclude casual hidden object games here). I've finished Portal and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, but I consider them to be FPS games. That's the thing with direct control gameplay - for me(!) direct control blurs the line between adventure and action. For me(!), adventure is more defiened by point n click interaction.

At the same time I consider myself to be mainly 1st person games guy - I've finished around 250 1st person shooters after all! I also know 3rd person action very well, plus driving, combining both.

Originally Posted by Giles Habibula View Post
I think this goes back to my first experience with "Thief: The Dark Project". I was totally in the game in first person. When they introduced a third person option for "Thief: Deadly Shadows", I about went ballistic, until I found out that first person was still an option.
I'm fan of stealth action, but I've always felt that 1st person view is quite cumbersome in this sub-genre. 3rd person view gives much more needed environmental awareness. But I'm yet to play Thief 1&2. I guess I play those, +DS replay, just before T4.
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