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Originally Posted by Stain View Post
Growing up on Sierra adventures it was always:

"Save early, save often!"
Wise Words!
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A getaway to an adventurous realm from the unadventurous world of mine.
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Stain-I totally agree. I find if I'm playing any type of game, adventure or RPG, I save every few minutes, in case my computer freezes, or I run into a battle I'm not ready for yet, or for adventure games, if I miss some dialogue.
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Adventure Games= Old time escapism
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Originally Posted by Lee in Limbo View Post
Let's see if anyone gets this one:

"Soon, my friend... soon."
Guess it was a little too obscure, huh?
Lee Edward McImoyle,
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Of the brain, of course! What else did you think, you pervs?!?!

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