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Old 02-20-2011, 01:50 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by jamesfp View Post
Cant wait for Broken Sword 5, its going back to 2D as all adventures should be.
Awesome news, hadn't heard it before.

Still, I think 3D is perfectly fine for adventure games if it's done well. If we all go back to 2D playing only the genre is never going to develop any further.
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I may have played some classic text adventure games on the old Texas Instruments and Commodore demo computers at Eaton's when I was a young teenager, but I honestly don't remember much about that. The first AG I distinctly remember playing was Space Quest IV. I still haven't finished that one, and I'm not sure I'll ever go back and try to finish it, but I really loved that game at the time. The first AGs I remember completing were The Journeyman Project II, Shivers and MYST. Fabulous games, even now.
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Originally Posted by rayvio View Post
ah yes the LSL age verification, not sure how accurate it was for verifying age but to anyone ignorant of american culture it didn't matter if you were 14 or 40 (seriously, I asked a few adults on the pretence that it was for school work)

I would still get most of them wrong today.
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My first was Maniac Mansion, played on a black and white monitor... I still haven't beaten the game till this day...
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Top 10 adventure games: Black Dahlia, Grim Fandango, Heavy Rain, Broken Sword Shadow of Templars, Gabriel Knight 2 The Beast Within, Still Life, Last Express, Sanitarium, 7th Guest, Zork Nemesis
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My dad bought me Flight of the Amazon Queen and Kings Quest 7 (I know, not the best of games, but I loved them still) when I was 7 for christmas '97 and I couldn't stop playing adventure games since.
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Oregon Trail (although maybe not considered an adventure game) when I was in grade/middle school.

Then when I really started playing adventures, my first game was Myst*.

* Hush, you. Yes, you.
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My first adventure was actually Colossal Cave way back in 1978 or
1979. My father has just gotten a business computer, the new computer from IBM, the 8080. And on that computer were this game. But only in 2008 or 2009, I learned this.

Many years went by, and I got my own computer way back in 1998. And I think my first adventure games either Urban Runner or a game set partly in the middles ages, and in the modern day, bridging the centuries by telling a story about a templar. And no it is not Assasin's Creed . It could also have been Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate 2 or Shivers 2. Sadly, I could never finish Shivers 2, because I wasn't able to open the bank vault.
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Originally Posted by Antaios View Post
Still, I think 3D is perfectly fine for adventure games if it's done well. If we all go back to 2D playing only the genre is never going to develop any further.
I strongly disagree... some times the only way forward is to go backwards.
Certain graphics work with certain genre of games. If we take a look back through
AG history we find most memorable adventures where all mostly Pre-rendered 2D graphics. (with a few exception of course). I mean 3D is definitely more practical for most genre's and maybe in a few years when they can develop as much detail as they do with hand drawn/painted art through polygons... then we can talk.
But at the moment most of 3D graphic based AG's just don't live up to what they really could be. And if going by the amount of new adventures being developed with 2D rendered backgrounds...then there must be an increase in sales somewhere.
Anyway at the end of the day I believe in both 3D and 2D... if there both done well and compliment the story then we are all winners!
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My first AG was Amber Journey's Beyond around 99 or so. I had just bought my first computer and saw it at a local Staples for like 3 bucks. I liked the cover so I picked it up.

I remember constantly getting stuck, and didn't even know there was such a thing as a walkthrough on the web. It took me like four months to finish the game and it still holds very fond memories for me.
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Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel on a glorious CGA monitor, around 1987 if I recall correctly.
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Old 02-23-2011, 10:57 AM   #52
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Monkey Island 1 on the Amiga. I remember having to change disc for each chapter, weren't we so primitive back then?
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Old 02-24-2011, 05:32 PM   #53
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I remember playing a lot of different ones on my brother's C64 and, later, his x86 machines. The oldest one I recall is the text-based Hitchhiker's Guide though I'm not sure I made it much past the celery-eating alien. I played Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, Prisoner of Ice, Daughter of Serpents, Bad Mojo, etc. but, since I was bumming my brother's computer, I only dabbled in them whenever he wasn't bumming around BBSes or playing Might & Magic.

The first adventure game I bought for myself and played on my own computer and played through to the end was Sanitarium (I even had to restart it due to the crippling Chapter 2 bug). Despite some tonal weirdness in the later chapters, I remember really digging that game and was really moved by the scene with his sister.

The next one I played was Grim Fandango which was (as I'm sure you all know) amazing. Shame it's lost in a box somewhere in my basement, the victim of multiple moves.

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Iceman. And I hated it. Thank you Sierra for KQ1. Text-based. If not for that, I might never have played another game.
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okay, here I go. First AG ever played:

The Key To The Castle

(I am actually shocked that there is a site for this game out there, impressed that I remember its name and afraid of my age!)
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Originally Posted by McPillager View Post
okay, here I go. First AG ever played:

The Key To The Castle

(I am actually shocked that there is a site for this game out there, impressed that I remember its name and afraid of my age!)

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I can't remember which game was my very first adventure, but i do remember that the thing that really got me into adventure gaming was the demo for Broken Sword 2. And I also remember Lost Eden as one of the first.
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Old 02-27-2011, 03:03 AM   #58
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my first adventure game was tex murphy - pandora directive & then overseer & under a killing moon.
I have never found a game that could top or come close to tex murphy. The closest thing was the black dahlia.
I have just finished broken sword 1-4 there were okay.
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Monkey Island 2 or Leisure Suit Larry 1, not sure which one I actually got to try first. The first adventure I ever finished was Monkey Island 1 and the first one I finished without help or walkthrough or anything was Flight of the Amazon Queen. (This was many years later, and a BIG occasion! )
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I remember my aunt gave me a bunch of CD's and I was looking through all of them, and then my eye caught Myst. I took it out, played it, and was hooked. I was 9 so I couldn't do it without a walkthrough, but even with, I enjoyed the game so much I played Riven (imo one of the greatest games ever made) and then Exile. After that I bought every single new Myst game that was released since Uru. I am a huge Mysthead.

That being said, I also love ALL the Monkey Islands (except 4, that one was dull) and puzzle-adventure games (like Syberias, Machinarium, Grim Fandango, TLJ, and Dreamfall, my all-time favorite game).

But yeah, Myst was my first.
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