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Default Indie games funding.

8-Bit Funding

It started a couple of weeks ago, fund indie games in development for some cool stuff in return (in other words, "Kickstarter for games"). There's a few adventure games on there so far, like The Bookeeper or One-Eyed Monsters.
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Cool, kickstarter is horrible for games and last time I checked the money could only be received to US-citizens (they are fine with taking the rest of the worlds money tho).

What I don't like about these sites is the hidden charge of currency-rates
if I sell a product the normal way I can have a different account for dollars, euros, pounds etc so a european customer pays directly from euros to euros, which I could then use either for a vacation in a country with that currency or find a really good currency-exchanger so I can convert it to my own currency for only a tiny 0.5% fee,

but when using a site like this the price will always be dollars, so if a Europe customer wants to pay the 20$ the price he will pay in euroes is NOT the REAL rate but actually a modified rate where a secret 4-7% fee has been added,
but idunno maybe most of the donors are US ppl anyway (in which case you wouldn't have to worry about that extra fee).

That secret fee is either the credit-cards/pay-pals fee for currency transactions, OR if 8-bit funding is clever they do it like Amazon where they themselves has accounts for all different currencies yet they still charge you the "currency exchange modified rate fee" (which is about 6%) as that's what you would have payed to your creditcard-company anyway, i.e. all that 6% goes as a extra profit to the company.

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