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Default a new game for iPad

hey everyone,

i wanted to introduce myself to everyone and just say hello. i am a big fan of adventure games, i started out on day of the tentacle and fate of atlantis when i was just a kid, and am still playing the genre (and those games) today. i am really excited about the rebirth of the genre, with the new monkey islands and back to the future etc, but i don't think that the PC market is doing it quite right - or more specifically telltale. i really hate the way you control guybrush and marty in these new games, and think that the iPad rereleases of the broken sword games, and the remakes of monkey island handle the controls much better. these games are perfect for touchscreen, yet there seems to only be remakes or bad ports of PC games in the app store at the moment.

my friend and i have started developing our own game, in the old style of point and click, but taking new technology into account. we want to make a new and interesting game that will appeal to fans of the genre as well as new players. however, while we both have experience in writing and know how to design a puzzle (thanks lucasarts), we are missing some important cogs. neither of us knows how to program being the main thing. i have experience in art and graphic design, and my friend does post production sound work for films and games - so we know we could get the game looking and sounding good, we just need a few more people to help. namely an animator, an iOS developer and perhaps a background artist. I will probably post this in the freeware section as well, although technically this wouldn't be freeware. we don't think it is fair people work for nothing, even if they are enjoying what they are doing, and while we cannot afford to pay anyone out of our own pockets, we are offering everyone who works on the project a fair split of the profits made from sales of the game on the app store (and anywhere else it may end up later).

if anyone is interested in working with us, or knows anyone or colleges etc we could contact i would really appreciate it. we are based in the UK, but are more than happy to work with anyone anywhere. you can contact me here, or email us at colourles[email protected]

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