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Default Casebook trilogy any good?

Hey wondering if it's worth getting or not, thanks.
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I've downloaded the free episode from the official site and played it, but what I've seen discouraged me to buy the rest of the series. In fact, I haven't even finished this first episode; the story just isn't gripping enough for me. Also, I've never liked those FMV games, let alone in conjunction with the casual factor, which is what the Casebook title is really all about. But this is just a matter of personal taste, of course. I suggest that you try the demo episode if you haven't allready and decide yourself. The puzzles are supossedly the strongest part of the game, though they're probably on the casual side too.
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The strongest part of the game is the story, which is both very strong and extremely captivating, especially when you reach Episode 2 and the overarching mystery of the series starts to be revealed. I strongly recommend them, because - in the sea of mediocrity that is today adventures - the Casebook series shines for its gripping plot, Noir-inspired writing, breakthrough in technology and stunning visual direction. A must play, if you ask my opinion.
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For a third opinion I would second what terhardp wrote. I think he / she summed up my own impressions of the first game pretty well.

Have to say that I don't agree with AndreaDraco83 - it had nothing like an interesting story. Just a bog-standard straight to TV movie kind of affair. Extremely hackneyed characters and acting.

Also, it was extremely glitchy but that could have been my computer.

So, from my point of view I wouldn't really reccomend it unless you either really, really love FMV games.
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Eeh, wasn't the demo episode just to get you familiar with the gameplay mechanics? Story wise it had nothing to do with the proper episodes. So you can't judge the game's story on that, just the gameplay. If you like the gameplay in that episode then go ahead and play the rest, 'cause the story really starts from episode 1, not episode 0.
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That's funny. I loved the story in the demo, it was adorable. As were the characters, which were solidly portrayed I think. The minigames, however, were terrible. But I really liked the combining-of-clues puzzles: challenging, but not too difficult.

That's what I based my decision of buying the trilogy on, but I haven't played it yet so I can't comment on it. I realise that the full story is darker and more serious, but if it's as well-written as the demo I doubt that's going to get in the way.
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I'be bought the downloads, the UK DVD release and the US lone episode. I love these games, all the episodes are pretty good.
The mini games are too easy, though
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Default Invert Y Mouse

I managed to d/l the demo to give it a try. However, it seems that there's no Invert Y-Axis option, at least I couldn't find any.

Could anybody tell me how to do it, I think it's there, but I guess I'm just stupid.

If it's not really there, could anybody tell me whether the commercial version has it? I couldn't play it without invert-y-axis as I'll get dizzy.

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