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Default Return to Mysterious Island's success

The game has sold 850,000 copies on PC, iPhone & iPod.
Congrats Kheops, well-deserved, though I want them to develop new IPs WHILE importing their impressive library.

Weird is that Kheops Studio name isnt even mentioned in the article.
So the studio has been acquired by Microids, whom in turn Anuman acquired?
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Originally Posted by charmed23 View Post
So the studio has been acquired by Microids, whom in turn Anuman acquired?
Microids is the publisher of the downloadable versions mentioned in the article.
Anuman is the developer of the iPad edition.
Kheops developed the PC edition, which isn't what the article is about.
Kheops is still around, but as far as I know they're now developing the second episode of The Fall, an episodic puzzle game for the casual game market.
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There's been no news about any new adventures from Kheops for a while now. It would be a shame if they were out of it. I thought that they had come out with a lot of good games over the years. There's not many people keeping puzzle led 1st person adventures alive.
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