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Originally Posted by Sughly View Post
I was never convinced there would be more than the remake coming out of lucasarts adventure-wise anyhoo. But yeah I suppose it is sad that the glimmer of hope fades away somewhat.

EDIT: welcome to the forums sketch! If you are serious about forming a game critics website then please, for the love of god, give adventures some attention. I'm sick of the unjust reviews, if they are even ever given. There are great adventures coming out at the moment, but according to many gaming sites they are already "dead". Pffft.
Thanks for the welcome I believe in fair and balanced reviewing and adventure games come with their own expectations and conventions which need to be specifically covered and acknowledged. I'll send you a PM link to the review which is featured on the site today. A few of our writers are fans of the genre, so coverage will be given, especially when our more adventure fanatical writers get a little more time to devote.

*edit* Unable to PM currently.

As for the new Tales of Monkey Island, I am still holding off, waiting for Lucas Arts store to actually release and send the special edition set that I paid for months ago I much prefer having a feelie copy which can sit neatly on my shelf. Plus it comes with much gaming tat for cluttering up my shelves.
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