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Default Playable Moon Game

This project is based on the 2009 film 'Moon'. I have made two versions of the base: one pre-rendered and one in real-time 3D. Please play them both and tell me:

1. how do they compare to one another?

2. which would you prefer to play as a fully-fledged adventure game?

3. and any other thoughts and comments you may have.

Please keep in mind that the pre-rendered character is not my own, it came with the wintermute engine. Sorry there is not much actual gameplay other than exploring.

Here are the download files:

Pre-rendered version 13.5mb

Real-time version 152mb

You will need WinRAR to unpack these files. Once unpacked follow these instructions:
Pre-rendered version: double-click the 'Game' file and the game should run.
Real-time version: double click to install, this may take a bit of time as UDK installs some files, you might get some messages saying certain parts couldn't be installed, don't worry, it should still work. Once installed find HGrint-Moon-Game in your start menu and click to open.
In the UT menu select 'Instant Action > Deathmatch > Next > HGrintMoon > Start game' and RIGHT CLICK when the game starts to get it to work properly. (otherwise the player character won't load)

I will also post up a video of the real-time environment for those with slow internet connections or old computers.

NB: These files will be up for a limited amount of time due to webhosting restrictions.

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Here's the video of a camera flythrough the environment in the real-time version. The low framerate is an issue with the recording and compression, sorry!

Please can I have some comments as soon as possible!

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The main character is much better looking that Sam Rockwell.
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Wow, nice start Hol! I'm a massive Moon fan - easily one of the best films of 2009, if not THE best. But I digress...

For me, hands down real time version. With such a small space as this, I don't think the pre-rendered environment works at all. Though the camera angles can be improved upon, the first version felt very awkward and had no immersion. The real time version was completely immersive. I can definately see the game flourishing in this perspective.

Keep posting info regularly, I'd like to see your progress. Interesting to see where you go with adapting it into this form .
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