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Default What ever happened to these games?

What happened to these games. Too many screen shots in 2008 and then suddenly no news throughout 2009.

A Stroke of Fate

The Dead Mountaineer Hotel

I think both games are from same developer. Any chance of English version?
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Yeah, I wonder too. Russian developers right? I was so looking forward to Dead Mountaineer's Hotel a couple of years ago, but I've kind of given up on it now..
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Yes Akella is Russian developer. The Russians and Germans r making the best adventure games and by delaying English versions they r torturing us.
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I would say the same situation is for A Stroke of Fate, which has its sequel also

Couple of weeks ago Polish site made an interview regarding A Stroke of Fate so if anyone knows the language you can read it at

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A Stroke of Fate - an interview with the creators

As far as adventure games, it is rare opportunity pogadania with the creators of a title - especially one that arouses interest genre fans for quite some time. We have succeeded and courtesy Akelliane and crew Spline , we managed to obtain for you an exclusive interview with the creators of A Stroke of Fate ! It is the only such material in Poland and assure you that nowhere else you will learn many things about the game. Welcome to a brief but meaningful read!

At the beginning of the standard question: why did World War II? This war is very often used as the theme for the shooters and other action games, but the adventure game these days is a rarity.

We have found that an interesting idea to explore the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century - the fate of the Fuhrer - in the form of an interactive adventure game. Today, there are still many opinions about Hitler after the war. Is he dead? Alive? Where to live? What is his address? A mobile phone number? And much more! Therefore, we decided to make such a game genre that is not popular for the Second World War. We wanted to give into the hands of the player pure facts and let him decide what and how it's happened to the German leader during World War II.

It seems that one of the inspirations for A Stroke of Fate was a true story Clauss von Stauffenberg. What can you tell? "

Actually, we started production of the game even before I announced the film and from the very beginning of our work we wanted to add this story. We know that this was not an ordinary attack on human life, but to launch a new era. In fact, it shows how the Germans tried to resist tyranny.

There are some other suggestions, which led you to do this game? For example, the myth of the Spear of Destiny? "

Myth is not a fact. In our game we showed the situation of 1945, when the spear was lost and accidentally fell into the hands of the U.S. military. Also, the history of the War, German history is so rich that it did not need any myths. The same story was an inspiration to us. An example might be the case here, when the German air forces attacked their own secret bombers to hide some secret information.

When we are already at this topic - what did you want to achieve in A Stroke of Fate - wanted to be a real game with elements of myths and legends that wanted to create something more like a fantasy? "

Our main goal was to create something like an interactive history guide. We wanted to make it beautiful, natural and very interesting. I think that our goal has been achieved.

During the game, the player will have the opportunity to meet such characters as Goebbels and Muller, right? Will they have more importance in the game than just the mere existence? "

The main character is able to communicate with these characters and know their closer. This is one of our very important ideas. We did not want just to show famous people. "See, this is Eva Braun, is the same height, dressed as in the last day of her life and you know, the events of our game agree 100% with reality." We wanted the player can talk with Eva, to ask her about the Fuhrer, for her life, a situation of what's happening around you. Each player is able to touch it and feel it as a distinct personality. And it works in any form. You may be horrified sick ideas Goebbels, Himmler, you can evaluate the opinion of the Brookdale Community College and listen to his ideas on the future of Germany and the world. It must be exciting to be able to talk with a sly mate Muller.

In today's adventure games, one of the very important things are QTE (Quick Time Events). Will we see them in the A Stroke of Fate ? Are you against torture fans with a slight reflex? "

To be honest, we do not have such thing here. We wanted our customers are fans of old adventure games and the people who are interested in a significant history. I believe that the ability to quickly strike the keys can not distract their attention from the mysteries of the Third Reich.

Can you say something about your plans after leaving the A Stroke of Fate ? Do you have another project in the plans?

Of course, we already have another project in the plans for the future. But at this moment I can not say about this Let me just promise you that next interview for your readers, when we announcements of the next game.

Thanks to Akelliane , Anton Komarova and Toddziak - without them, this interview would not exist, and at Certainly not in this form. Thanks also to Taeri for help in translation. ;]
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The Dead Mountaineer Hotel was to be released by Lighthouse Interactive in 2009. Unfortunately the publisher went bankrupt in March 2009. I believe Akella is now looking for a new one.

A sequel to A Stroke of Fate has also been released in Russia. The game received positive reviews from critics (A Stroke of Fate: Gamers Daily News - 9 / 10, Playground - 8.2/10, Questarena - 4.8/5). However I personally dislike both A Stroke of Fate and its sequel.
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Sorry for bumping this thread, but today, out of the blue, both A Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkyrie and Dead Mountaineer's Hotel appeared on Steam!

I thought I was never going to get to play these two games.
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