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Default help me find a game of my childhood!

Hi all, as the title states I am looking for a game from my childhood. I'll try to give as much information as I can.

The game is a space sci-fi point and click (I believe) adventure game. You basically walk around and do various things and talk to people to progress farther in the game. I think the start of the game is on some kind of space station. Eventually you are granted access to a spaceship and you can fly to other planets. The first planet you visit, is the moon (or something that looks like it anyway). You can also fly around to other planets as the game progresses.

Sorry I cant provide more concrete information. I never actually played the game, only saw my dad play it briefly back around 1992 or 1993. It was run on our 386 computer running Windows 3.11. There were no fancy graphics, just mostly still pictures of the various locations you run around to. These seemed to look pretty nice to me at the time.

Again, I do apologize for lack of detail, my dad only played the game for about a month and I was only 7 or 8 at the time which makes giving details difficult. Any ideas or possibilities on what this game might be would be very helpful. I know it seems a little silly but I'd really like to rediscover this small memory of my childhood.
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Don't know them well enough to be sure but it could be one of the Space Quest series of games.

This is a link to our Games A-Z entry for the first game. Check the related games tab to find the others in the series.
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I *think* that the game you're looking for, if it's not one of the Space Quest Series, could be "Mission Critical".

Let me know if I got that right!
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It could also be Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon
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Originally Posted by Themis78 View Post
I *think* that the game you're looking for, if it's not one of the Space Quest Series, could be "Mission Critical".

Let me know if I got that right!
I add a link to mobygames´ gallery for Mission Critical
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How about Chronomaster?
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There were no fancy graphics, just mostly still pictures of the various locations you run around to.
That description makes me think that it may not be a Spcae Quest game, but I think if it was one of the series it would probably be Space Quest 5, which suits the description reasonably well and was released in 1993.
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Do you remember anything about the interface? Mission Critical is too new (1995) for your timeframe but I think it could be Gateway, which was a 1992 still-picture adventure game with a sentence construction interface.
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Yeah, I've instantly thought of Gateway as well (or possibly its sequel, which has a very similar look but doesn't start in a space station).

Also, rediscovering memories of the childhood is not silly. Welcome to AG, h4nsm0l3m4n.
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