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Default FBI adventure games

hey are there any adventure games where you play an fbi agent and investigate murders and such? thanks
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I can only think of X-Files: The Game (awesome!) and Art of Murder (which seems pretty dull, judging by the reviews)
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Still Life
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Still Life, Art of Murder, all the Sherlock Holmes' and Agatha Christie's games (unless you desperately want the main character to have an FBI badge )
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Never played it myself, but... Hopkins FBI
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Hannibal the game (which never came out sadly)

Still life

Art of Murder

The FMV X-files game

The non-FMV resident evil clone

Maybe the CSI games might be up your alley ?!

CSI : Miami

CSI : Hard evidence

CSI : 3 Dimension of murder
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There's also Law & Order: Justice is Served
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