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I'm a marathon gamer. I recently replayed Still Life and it took me two days, with probably about 8-10 hours straight on the second day.

Some games get too annoying after a while, but a game I really like, especially a replay will keep me glued to it until I have to stop for sleep or work. I'm that way with the Phoenix Wright games, too.
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I remember playing each Tex Murphy game for whole afternoons/evenings up to 4am on a few occasions before my whole body complained and made me sleep. Stupid body. They just captured my attention so much I couldn't stop playing, same for Deus Ex (that's part adventure right? ).

It took essay deadlines to stop me playing Overseer so much. No other games have captured my attention so much before or since. Loved them.
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I have to be careful not to start a game when I have other committments going because I tend lose track of time when playing. If my husband calls me for dinner, he knows that grunts or uh-huhs do not necessarily mean I've heard him on a conscious level. I've been known to play 8-10 hours straight, but, like Colpet, I stop when my brain gears start spinning unproductively.
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