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Default Still life 2 - Possible spoilers

I just finished Still life and loved everything about. Great athmosphere and story line. Actually I began playing the game when it was just released back in 2005 but got stuck at the "lockpicking puzzle" and gave up/lost interest. Well, 3 years later I decided to give the "lockpickin puzzle" another try and eventually I nailed it...took me 2-3 hours.

And now to my question for Still life 2.
Those who have completed Still life know the ending is somewhat loose...and after reading what Still life 2 is about, it seems like a completely different story?
Do you think we will see a continuation of the story, Is Vic going to LA to find some more clues or is she going to Maine to pursue another killer?
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It's a completely separate story, but the original story will be resolved somehow. Details of how that will happen haven't been revealed though.
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I guess thats a good thing! New story and closure to the old one. Cant be any better than that.
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Oh don't get me started on the lockpicking puzzle. Me and all of my brothers scratched our head against the little beast. We LOATHED it... And commited the sin of searching for a walktrough.

The game was good but I fould the main character (the girl) very, VERY unlikeable. It's like if the creators were trying to ram the "Look! Independent Girl with attitude" in my face every time. In contrast, I found the other character to be one very likeable fellow. And now I'm dying to play post mortem just to get to know him better.

I'm still going to play the second still life just to know how will this end.
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I played Post Mortem before Still Life and really liked the way the stories came together. Luckily I managed to do the lock picking puzzle in a pretty short time but I think it was sheer luck! If I tried it now I would probably be stuck for hours! I am looking forward to still life 2 as I really enjoyed the first one.

For further Still Life 2 discussion, please visit this thread.

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