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Default Forgot the title of an old police adventure game and need your help!

Hello everybody this is my first post here.. The reason being i need help with the title of an old police adventure game.. I have completely forgotten the name over the years. Here is some info i can remember about the game.. (and no its not police quest)

The main character had an aunt or grandmother he lived with

The main character could ride a motorcycle (at work and off duty i belive)

At one point he even got into an accident with that bike

I remember at one point you had to rent a boat at the marina and go to a small iland.

This is all i can remember right now i hope somebody out there can help me out.

Thanks in advance!
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The only police adventures I'm aware of outside the Police Quest series is Blue Force, but I'm not sure if that's it.

Mobygames has an article on it with some screenshots
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Do you remember how long ago you played this game? And on what platform (PC - DOS/Windows, or a console such as SNES or Saturn?)
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It's definitely "Blue Force"
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Yeah, I remember getting shot on that boat. And the motorcycle.

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Thanks alot for the replys. Jadefalcon that's the game i was talking about nice going. I really appreciate the help. Those screens really takes me on a trip down memory lane.

I remember at the end i forgot to search some dude i arrested and he was on my boat.. and he threw a grenade at me and i had to load an old save game. It sucked at the time but years later i can't help but smile a bit when i think about it.

Again thanks for the help and replys!
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