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Default Zut Alors! - A Text Adventure

Back in the dawn of time, when I owned an amiga I loved the idea of text adventures. I was never very good at them, the Lost Treasures of Infocom left me completely lost (I believe Moonmist was the only one that I managed to complete). But then there was a gem of a game hidden on one of my magazine cover-disks. It was called Zut Alors 2 and you played a musketeer who was trying to rescue the four musketeers because they'd all been imprisoned for some reason. It's a game that's always stuck in my mind, I remember that it was funny and not too difficult for me and that the save function had been disabled so I couldn't progress very far in it. As much as I wanted to send away the money to get a proper copy my parents wouldn't let me so I was left with playing the same bit over and over again.

Anyways, I was curious if anyone remembers this game or if I'm the only one who has any memory of it. I have done a search for it and I found an amiga file of the first game on some website but no other information. I just know if I try and get it to work that it won't be as much fun as I remember it being anyway.
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This site has it for sale:

in a giant amiga game collection for 6.99 euros.

I have also seen that the game is now freeware, so in that case - here is a link to it.

Instructions for running these self booting raw disks can be found here.
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It's all greek to me those instructions. I did find that download of the first game but was clueless as to how to make it work so didn't try. It's nice to know the second's available on a gamepack. I guess I was kind of hoping I wasn't the only one who'd heard of the game and could reminisce about the little I remembered though. I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it if I did finally get it working. Maybe I'd ruin the memories of what a fun game it was with the actuality. Anyway thankyou very much for your help.
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Heleo! Omg! I remember Zut Alors 2 (I think it was 2); it was a great little game. I too only ever played the demo section off of the Amiga Format or Amiga Action cover disk; but it was a fun little demo and one of the few Interative Fiction games I ever really wanted to play. It was quite funny as I recall.

I've tried finding a copy to play on my Amiga emulator; but I couldn't get the version on the IF.com site to work when I was last reminded of the game. I'm going to give it another go...

EDIT: hmm I think it's Zut Alors version 2.0; as in just one game but the second version and not a sequel.
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