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Old 04-26-2007, 08:17 AM   #1
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Default City of Metronome put on hold

From PSU:
Originally Posted by PSU
City of Metronome on the back burner?
Added on 25/04/2007.

If you are someone who enjoys watching out for innovative and creative new games for next gen consoles, then you have probably heard of The City of Metronome. Sadly though, due to many reasons the game has been pushed back and is in a redesign state.
The full article with a Q&A with the designed can be found here

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I somehow knew this coming.

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I'll be really surprised if this game is actually released someday.
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This is some of the saddest news I have heard in some time. We can live in hope that they release it independently. After all, it's the independent developers who are producing the best work at the moment. I don't like the idea that they will comprimise ideas to make the publishers happy. I really don't think publishers play the games they sell, if they did, they would be as excited as I am about this game idea.
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A creative swedish game developer, which is just one, or so, hour from my home?
Accepting interns eyy... This I should try to remember...

Ow, and on-topic:
I think that it's very sad that there is so few (if any?) game publishers out there who is willing to take a chance. To bet alittle.
Who know... They might even end up with a million seller francise.
It's sad that everything should be so safe all the time...
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Isn't this old news? To the public knowledge, Metronome was never anything more than a concept and a tech demo, so this is probably not "pushing back" as much as the team concentrating on other things, more likely to find an immediate publisher's backing.
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That just sucks. It sounded like such a neat concept and the look of the game was spectacularly interesting. Oh well. Here's hoping they complete it someday (soon)!!!
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