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For your information Autumn Moon Entertainment crew is made up of ex-LucasArts employees and if you bother to search you can find info about the story,characters,interface etc. of the game.
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No! Because Lucas only cares about Star Wars these days. When I think about it, why haven't he ever tried to do a "Star Wars: The Adventure Game" ?
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I'd buy a Star Wars Adventure game... come to think of it I already did. Knights of the Old Republic is essentially an adventure game I realize there is a bunch of fighting, but it is so automated you can just sit back and watch it. Other then that it is a bunch of FedEx fetch x for y type quests and some cool cut scenes.
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You really think so? I don't consider KotOR to be an Adventure game. I hardly consider it to be a cRPG...
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I played KOTOR as an adventure. Dialog puzzles, object puzzles. Side Quests. I paid not one bit of attention to armour and weapon stats etc. It was great.

Anyway, more on topic;


GI: A lot of those LucasArts franchises are still very popular – you spoke about Day of the Tentacle. Is there a chance you’ll be able to wrangle a few more of those away for more episodes? Are you working on that at all?

Dan Connors (CEO Telltale Games): It’s definitely on our minds and it’s definitely something we think about. Maybe I can give you more information a while from now. It’s definitely something that makes good sense to everybody. For them it’s the same thing. For them it’s "What’s the business model? What’s the retail model?" It’s not their type of game – it’s not Star Wars, it’s not with the movie, with the lightsaber – an action game. When trying to do the two things at the same time it makes it challenging. They’ve been trying to figure out the right solution, and hopefully Telltale is part of it.
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