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Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post

Not necessarily. The foxus on richer plot in shooters, for example, started long ago, with Half Life and such. And I'm not even talking about games like System Shock or Deus Ex that mixed lots of things, including deep stories. And if you look at console RPGs..
I'm not denying that--I'm just saying, most people look to the multiplayer aspects of FPS, the challenge of tougher bosses/levels and new weapons, and the fun of killing things with a gun/chainsaw/laser/BFG/rocket launcher. Honestly, Half-Life is most infamously played for it's Counterstrike mod, which is all about such things. Games can still have story, but that is not the primary motivating factor of play here. And RPGs are filled with goodies that veteran RPG players spend hours chasing after that have nothing to do with the story, but advance the armor/weaponry/magic power of the players.

Also, please explain to me how Celebrity Hypnosis, Prismatology, and Hugh Bliss are finished as separate plots.
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Originally Posted by Ariel Type View Post
But they are still not adventure games
That is a personal opinion of course
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