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Default Adventure Gaming on a Sony PSP

I recently bought a Sony PSP and would like to know if there are any good adventure games for the system.
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Just Myst.
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You can put Scumm VM on your PSP and The Sims too is kind of adventure gameish. Other than that we can only hope.
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Exit is a puzzle game for the psp, supposedly very good.. I think puzzle games are the nearest you get..
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Default Scumm VM be careful

Scumm VM is great, but if your going to use it be careful. Sony doesn't really like people messing with the PSP firmware. The latest versions are a bit tricky to work with. If you're not careful you can brick your PSP, making it worthless.
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I was never all that crazy about Myst. I don't mind Action Adventure games as long as they tell a story. I know they have a Silent Hill game coming this year for the PSP and I'm looking forward to that. Puzzle games aren't too bad so I'll check out Exit. Thanks everyone.
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I'm wondering the same thing... Plan to buy a PSP in near future. Had one when they first came out, and then sold it. Miss it.

I have a DS, and love the adventure games for it.

I'm glad to hear about Silent Hill coming out. I just wish they would come out with adventure games... they have tons of other types why not adventure??
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Because adventures don't sell .Also Psp is made for action gamers not adventurers .
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