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Default Does anyone know this about Telstar's Fable ?

Can anyone help me out please ?

For a while now I've been trying to find out how to distinguish between the original version of this game and a revised version which, as it's reported in a few places, such as here, on The JAVE, has a more "satisfying" ending to the game.

It says that, not only is the ending different, but that the main character's name has been changed to Quickthorpe instead of Goodthorpe.

The trouble is that, as far as I can see, the really nicely designed book-style box is the same for both versions, which leaves me with a problem whenever I see the game advertised on eBay when the sellers (always, so far when I've asked), know nothing about the game and, therefore, nothing about what I'm asking.

I know the game isn't thought of as being a good game by many who've played it but, as I'd like to give it a go, and play the one with the slightly better ending, I'd really like to know if there's any way to distinguish between the two versions if I'm ever to bid on one on eBay someday. I would like to buy it and not just play it as a download IF it exists as freeware.

So . . . . that my quandary. Does anyone know of any glaring differences in the packaging, or the wording on the box, of the two versions or have I got to persevere, and hope that, one day, I'll find a seller who's actually played it and can tell me for sure if it's the "more satisfying" ending version ?

Thanks for taking time to read this long-winded call for help.

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Well, I couldn't even finish the game, cause I hated it. so trying a alternative ending is probably out of question
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seconded. maybe if they replaced Quickthorpe with a walking arse it would be an improvement. Besides the great graphics there's nothing to recommend this game for.
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IIRC & AFAIK, both versions featured an English guy called Quickthorpe ... I even posted a UHS file 8 years ago !

The first version was published &/or developed (can't remember which) in UK by Telstar & the 2nd later version in USA by Sir-Tech (or was it the other way around ??).

AFAIK, both versions were identical EXCEPT :-
The ending of the original version was horrendous... so the USA version was "improved", making it just horrible !!!
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Yes, the original European version has a weird out-of-place ending, and the later US version have a more "normal" ending (don't want to write spoilers).

I've played both versions, but if I remember correctly the character was named Quickthorpe in both of them, so perhaps there's a third variation to the game (maybe a non-Eglish variation, I deal only with English vresions of games).

You can look in Moby Games for cover variations that will help you decide which version to buy. By the way, if you read the back covers in Moby, you'll see that both US and UK versions call the player Quickthorpe, so I really don't know what's this Goodthorpe is all about.

And another thing - if you're going to buy an opened box, ask the seller to check the CD's label. It should say if it's the European or American version.

EDIT: The CD label of the US version is FABLE_AMERICAN. The UK version's CD label is FABLE_ENGLISH.
And regarding this Goodthorpe thing - the only two places that mention this name are JA and A for Adventure. I've looked again in the Moby Games covers and even the German cover says Quickthorpe. Perhaps we can contact the reviewers and ask them where they got the Goodthorpe name. Maybe they reviewed a beta version or something?

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Thanks Aurebesh. That CD label information is ideal.
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I remember the ending (the original) as the best thing about the whole game. At least it was the only memorable thing, because not a single puzzle, location or character from this bland fantasy world sticks to mind. I often confound it with Curse of Enchantia, but at least I remember the horrible puzzles and no-text interface from that one.
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I liked Fable. It's not that it was great, but, you know, it was easy to the eye, not too complicated. Relaxing.

But the ending... It's so bad and infuriating it's almost funny (yeah, I got the bad one).
...It's down there somewhere. Let me have another look.
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The "good ending" is pretty tacked on and doesn't make much difference. It's akin to your average Super Mario Bros. ending, i.e., "thank you Mario, you saved me."
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