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View Poll Results: What is the Best Adventure Game of 2006
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine 4 3.48%
Ankh 5 4.35%
Barrow Hill 3 2.61%
Bone: The Great Cow Race 0 0%
Broken Sword 4 7 6.09%
Dreamfall 39 33.91%
Keepsake 2 1.74%
Nancy Drew: Danger by Design / The Creature of Kapu Cave 0 0%
Secret Files: Tunguska 2 1.74%
Safecracker 3 2.61%
Sam & Max: Culture Shock 20 17.39%
Scratches 9 7.83%
Secrets of Da Vinci 4 3.48%
Murder on the Orient Express 4 3.48%
Other 13 11.30%
Voters: 115. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-23-2007, 12:12 AM   #61
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Dreamfall all the way.

Yes, the controls were messy but the story saved it. WHY didn't they use what WORKED in THE LONGEST JOURNEY? *Facepalm*
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Old 01-23-2007, 02:36 AM   #62
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I thought it was funny someone here mentioned Dreamfall as Best Animated Movie...

AH! Here it is:

Originally Posted by Sciere View Post
Dreamfall wins best animated film.

Dreamfall. An Adventure Game? I think not.

How 'bout Last Half of Darkness: Shadow of the Servants?

Or was this Independent Game released earlier? I really didn't know about Last Half of Darkness: Shadow of the Servants until 2006, but then again...I'm late for anything new.

I said "Other", for what it's worth.
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Old 01-23-2007, 07:09 AM   #63
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Tunguska for me. It was nothing particularly special, but it was a good, solid AG that did almost everything right, which is more than I can say for any other adventure I've played this year.
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Old 01-24-2007, 08:09 AM   #64
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Sam and Max while excelent quality was waaaaaay to short

So I've voted for Broken Sword 4
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