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Default Adventure Game Scene of the Day - Saturday- Dec 2 2006

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So not only Wreck did take umbrage and left, but we are also getting AGSotDs on weekends now? The times they are a-changin'.

I found Ace Ventura to be a terribly underwhelming game. The puzzles were uninspired (and I can't imagine how the infamous totem puzzle made it through the beta-testing phase), the action sequences - frustrating, and it was unfunny (I didn't find the movie funny, either - I hate early Jim Carrey, in fact - but the game, strangely enough, had a completely different type of non-humor).
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Wow Ace Ventura....I love and hate this game at the same time.
It is so hard and frustating..sigh. Puzzles are quite illogical...etc
But I found there little bit cool humor, but he keeps repeating lines..that isn't cool u know...

But in antarctica I could't talk with this chief and game wasn't completed.
Bug i guess.

Without walkthrough this game is ...hard..very hard.
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Hated the voices.
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This one never even made it onto my radar...
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