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Default Adventure Game Scene of the Day - Thursday- Nov 30 2006

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Man, I love that game. CLASSIC! Both games were pretty damn great.
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I enjoyed playing the Laura Bow games as well as almost all the old Sierra games. Just wish they would get back to creating those types of games again.
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they tried but they forgot a piece of code hidden at the start of development, they got stuck later on, couldnt be bothered to restart all their projects and sent the projects back to the store in frustration
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i enjoyed that game so much, i remember it had its own eerie kind of atmosphere too. They used to be so good at putting atmosphere into games.. then it all became "blow this guy up, stab that guy in the head" and they forgot all about creativity.

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Worth picking up?
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Ah, the Dagger of Amon Ra, one of the first adventure games I ever played. Good memories.
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Originally Posted by Boneho Chane View Post
Worth picking up?
For sure, though in all honesty I liked the first one, The Colonel's Bequest, much better. Still, I played Amon Ra years before finding a copy of Colonel's Bequest, and enjoyed the heck of it.

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Colonel's Bequest is wonderful. Amon Ra not so much.
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Too bad this game like so many old classics is impossible to find.
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This was THE first adventure game I ever played. It's the reason I am still playing them today. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I wish I still had the game.
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