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Default Text Adventure Fans!!! Please Read!!

Firstly id like to say hello to you all.. and this is a little lengthy but im sure youll cope ..

But back to this post.. Im 21years old and currently reside in the UK.. I remember when i was younger i owned an Amiga computer and thought it was incredible.. And to some.. Its laughable now but i was so addicted to such point click adventures like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer.. Aswell as other games.. But one "genre" i really loved (even though i was young) was the text based adventure games such as "Hitchikers Guide.." , "Zork Series" and other such classics.. And i still am!!..

I was firstly wondering who here also loved these series of games?.. I understand that with PS3 and Xbox 360 bringing games to life like we never thought possible.. although exciting and as much as i love these consoles myself.. i still have never lost the love for the classics i played when i was younger espeically he text adventures..

Secondly i wanted to make aware to these fellow fans of a petition i have started.. the petition takes a minute or so to fill out.. nothing complicated.. and the petition itself was made by myself to outline the importance of these text adventure games.. Like i said.. with the next gen consoles swamping the gamer market and a new generation of gamers it seems these old classics are dead and buried.. and this petition is to make known that there is still alot of people (i hope) that would love to see these great text adventure games brought back for download for free by the companys that designed them.. i dont see the point in them wasting away and being forgotten.. and if like myself you have the old computers they were once played on but no longer work.. what do these companys have to lose? these games are no longer in development so they wouldnt be losing money.. once the petition is gathering signatures i will be sending it along with coverng letter to one of the largest text based adventure companys that dominated the market and i hope they might see what appeal there classics still hold.. and in return see these games made available for FREE download on the internet so we can all relive these classics..

If your interested jsut click this link and sign the online petition here :


Thank you for taking the time to read this and even more thanks to those that support the cause..
And if you have any questiosn feel free to PM me ..



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You know you can play these games online.


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I have seen this site aswell as others.. But i find it a problem..

See the original boxsets had manuals and other items to help you play these games.. very original idea and im aware of online PSDs.. But there is a Ultimate Infocom Bootleg circulating that i cant find anywhere.. which includes Full colour PSDs for all games (40+) manuals and other stuff (maps.. etc..)..

This petition is to get this bootleg package made available online from a mirror and as for size.. the PSDs take up msot of the room and its still less than half a gig for it ALL.. lol But thank you..
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I love the text Adventures Game more then the Click and point Because I grown up with the Text adventure games more then the new one so I think Text Adventure is better then Click and point Adventures games.
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Have you been to http://www.ifarchive.org/ yet? There are many older commercial text adventures now freely available to download and play with an emulator. No Infocom, aside from the demo disks, but there are some bits and pieces of Infocom ephemera that any fan would appreciate, and plenty pf other gamesto play.

There are also a huge number of new, freware text adventures and interpreters to run them on modern machines. There are some rather brilliant works there, including several experimental games that would never have been produced in a commercial environment.
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These games are avaiable for download since many years. Try http://www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-...mesXzcode.html
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