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Default Adventure Game Scene of the Day - Wednesday - Nov 1 2006

I hadn't heard of this one before today. I'm looking for a good spot to purchase it now. It's called Prisoner of Ice.

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More slaw!!!
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Hm, whose it by?
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I think the review at AGs is particularly well-written and insightful.

More seriously: nice little game, great graphics. And I really liked the part where that screenshot was taken; the plot still made sense then.
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I've got an old magazine with a preview of it under a headline something like "Look out Lucasarts, the French are coming!" I remember always being mystified by it, as I was more of a Sierra follower at that time.
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I agree with the review wholeheartedly (and I didn't even write it! ). The plot was all over the place, but it somehow didn't bother that much. Perhaps because the game felt like a Call of Cthulhu spinoff, ie. used the Cthulhu mythos but had a totally different, "1930s pulp" feel from the start. Had it tried to pass itself off as a genuine Lovecraftian tale, the story would be of course laughable.

This would be my personal choice for the Scene of the Day from it. The mad sailor's screams gave me the creeps.
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Buy it!

The game has really cool places to visit and imho, the plot was pretty good. In addition the game has some cool freaky moments that together with the artwork, add a spooky atmosphere.
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It's "Call of Cthulhu", can it be bad?

Unfortunately I think it is...
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That reminds me, I still need to play Shadow of the Comet...

Hmm, wouldn't a screenshot of Grim Fandango be more appropriate, since today is the Day of the Dead???

*goes off to replay GF*
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