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Default Interview with "Professor" Brian Moriarty of LucasArts and Infocom

For those who remembers old Infocom and Lucasfilm Games classics...

Adventure Classic Gaming has posted a new interview with "Professor"
Brian Moriarty of Infocom and LucasArts fame. He is best remembered as the author of IF classics such as Trinity, Wishbringer, Beyond Zork: The
Coconut of Quendor, and graphic adventures such as Loom. Here is the article:
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A great interview and a great guy.
I would have loved working in such a creative environment as Infocom or LucasFilm...
Where are they now?
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A great article. I never knew it was the same guy who worked on Loom and those Infocom games. Some of those are my favourite Infocoms. Only know I see the creative similarities between Loom and Wishbringer.

I've never played Loom, I'll have to check it out asap. If I can get hold of a copy that is...
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