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Old 06-22-2006, 03:59 PM   #1
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Default Sales info on Dreamfall?

Quick question. Dreamfall was obviously the #1 most anticipated adventure game to come out in a long time. Does anyone know how the sales did on it? I have a feeling that will say a lot for how many more AG's we'll see popping up in the near future.

I'm just a little curious..
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Go look at the previews on the front page. There are tons of AGs popping up this year alone and many, many for next year and they're coming around regardless of Dreamfall's sales.
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Old 06-24-2006, 01:10 PM   #3
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I don't know about Dreamfall's sales, but the fact that its availability was rather scarce, at least in Canada, does not seem to indicate good sales. But Melanie68 is right, regardless even if Dreamfall tanked in sales, adventure games will still come out in steady supply.
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I was just about to purchase the strategy guide and EP on Amazon, but now they're both "out of print" / "unavailable." Different sites say different things, but I can't find a place as of right now to buy them. Now these aren't the game itself, but certainly something like how many copies of a strategy guide they print would indicate how popular the game is expected to be / sell.
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Old 06-24-2006, 05:42 PM   #5
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...adventure games will still come out in steady supply.
Or, at least, games that call themselves adventures
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Avaiability has been a big issue.

I'm in Australia. Dreamfall was scheduled to come out on the 15th of June. There is still no sign of it, and distributors haven't said a thing.

If people around the rest of the world are facing the same issue, then I'm pretty sure the sales figures would be poor.

Its a shame really. So much time and effort has been spent making the game, if only they would put more effort into distributing it, then maybe the developers could make something out of it.
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Ragnar Tornquist, the DreamFall Director says that the roll out is proceeding and mentioned some things about sales on his blog a while ago....

The Xbox version was the second-best selling Xbox game in the weeks following its release in the U.S. but he did not have figures at time of posting on it..... The PC version was at that time, some weeks ago and more, Norway’s best-selling game, ahead of World of Warcraft (which was number one for a year - and European pre-sales were very good. It will be launched ain many international markets.
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