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I thought it was even freakier in Legend of Kyrandia when Brandon's friend has finished sharpening Brandon's saw and wants him to come and get it off of him. O_o
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Originally Posted by El Poppy View Post
But the granddaddy of them all has to be ‘I Have No Mouth and I must Scream,’ I have to drum up the courage, even to this day, to put the floppy disk into the drive!
Was there really a floppy version of I Have No Mouth? I thought it went out on CD-ROM only...

Originally Posted by marshal99 View Post
?!! You don't like horror but you buy Phantasmagoria ?! You didn't read the description of the game ?!?

Guess you didn't see what happened when

Don gets hold of Adrienne ?
When the big bad demon catch hold of Adrienne ?

Haha, those are awesome. Extremely graphic scenes like that should be in all horror adventures.
This genre has the biggest potential for diverse violence, much more so than action games. This potential is rarely used though.
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