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Default Demo 80 days

I just tried playing the demo of 80 days. This game has the worst interface I've ever encountered in a graphic adventure game. You can walk forwards and bakwards with the keyboard, but if you want to make a turn, you have to use the mouse! With the keyboard you can only move sideways, not turn around. And I couldn't figure out how to interact with my environment at all. I hope it's just me, but boy, they have to do something about it because the game is nearly unplayable in this way. And that's a shame, because the pictures look really nice and the game looks promising, form what I've read and could see in the demo.
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It'll take some getting used to if you're not familiar with it, but it actually uses an extremely common control scheme (in action/adventure games). Believe it or not, it starts feeling pretty intuitive after a while.
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I haven't downloaded the demo yet. How is it, besides being controlled by the mouse and keyboard of course (which is fine with me)?
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