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Default The Next Big Thing - Payment Refused

I recently received an email containing the following:

"We apologize for the technical issues caused by the release of Black Mirror 3 and we are happy to offer you a 20$ off coupon, available in the entire Adventure Shop!"

The $20 off coupon was very much appreciated as a gesture of goodwill and I immediatly went to the store to purchase The Next Big Thing!

Using the code, the price dropped from £29.99 to £9.99 - Everything seemd great up until trying to pay.

Using both Paypal and credit cards, I'm met with the same 'Payment Refused' message. I immediately contacted the bank, but there's no problem at their end, so I can only assume there's an issue at yours.

Is there anything that can be done? I hope it can be resolved. Thanks for all your help,

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Have you tried to empty the cache + cookies of your browser?
Where are you located, and have you been able to process purchases in the past?

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