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Default Unable to install Dracula 3

First I downloaded the Dracula 3 game using the adventure shop downloader. Couldn't install it because it kept asking for disc 4. Sent a request for help to the tech and was told that I didn't get all the files so to use the freeware downloader and redownload. Did this and then installed. Put in my key code and the game barely started when the screen went black and froze. Sent another email off to the tech and was told they couldn't help with this now and to contact the publisher of the game. I've spent alot of hours downloading this game now and am very frustrated.
Anyone have any suggestions?
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Would you mind sharing the spec of your system, as Dracula is supposed to run on most of computers.

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I'm running Windows XP and using Nvidia GeForce. I had email reply from the publisher of the game and they had me try a few things. Still no luck launching the game. I then went out and found a copy of the game at Zellers and installed it and it froze at the exact same spot as the game I downloaded from Adventure Gamers. Can't figure it out!!! Very frustrated!!!!
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