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Default File size discrepancies

Alright, I'm familiar with file compression, zipping etc..., but I'm still amazed at some of the differences I see between file sizes from different web-sites, especially Big Fish Games vs. The Adventure Shop. The former has much better offers and sales than the latter (I'm sorry, but TAS are really expensive), so of course when I saw that I can buy Dracula: Origin for only 7$ instead of TAS's 19$, obviously I purchased from BFG. But then I noticed something odd: the file size for the game on BFG was 1.72GB, while on TAS it was: 2.64GB -for the same game. Why don't TAS compress their files? Now, on another website someone suggested the reason for that is that TAS many times offer extra stuff that are not advertised on the game info page, but I seriously doubt that, as I bought several games from them which included nothing extra, and yet the file size was substantially higher than in other sites.

Another, even stranger case is Nibiru: on TAS the file size is a whooping 2.70GB (!) while on BFG it's a modest 954.12 MB. This last is especially weird.

Also 4.30GB for A Vampyre Story seems way too much (by 1GB at least).

In general, you can say that on TAS everything is higher, both the prices and file sizes. I guess the discrepancy could be ascribed to compression (or lack thereof) and/or bonus files, but something tells me that's not the case. And if it's indeed the former, why don't TAS compress the files?!
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That discrepancy might come from the fact that Big Fish uses its own client for downloading, installing and activating the games, whereas The Adventure Shop gives you the option to either use their downloader or download the archived files manually.

In other words, game files are probably not handled the same way on BF as they are on TAS.
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Hi TalC2,

The Adventure Shop is zipping all the files, but compared to BigFish Games we provide all games with ALL files, the exact same version as the boxed version.

BigFish is not using a better compression system, they simply ask for different versions.
BigFish is under constraint of releasing a game (especially large files) at the smallest possible and they ask developers to remove assets from the game to keep it low (hi-res textures, hi res videos, audios, etc...). Usually, audios and hi-res files are removed.

The version of Dracula available on BFG is similar to the one on TAS. I said similar as they requested Frogwares (dev team) to remove some assets, audios and change some videos. Even some sequences have been cut off the game.

A Vampyre Story is effectively 4,3 GB, it is the same size as retail version.

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The price difference between TAS and some titles on BFG is not of our decision. The price is set by the IP owner, and some do not accept us to sell their games at the same price as BFG.
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